The Fight to End Chemical Abortion

As medical abortions continue to be restricted in our country, the accessibility of chemical abortions is on the rise, due to the widespread availability of the abortion pill. Right now, chemical abortions account for more than half of all abortions in the United States.  To clarify, chemical abortions, medical abortions, and the abortion pill are…

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CPCI’s 2022 LifeSaver Event

Community Pregnancy Clinics’ annual Life Saver Event has gained a reputation as one of the premiere pro-life events in Southwest Florida. On March 25, 2022, 600 avid supporters gathered to hear from keynote speaker Former Secretary of State, Michael R. Pompeo and celebrate the 1,470 lives saved from abortion at CPCI during 2021. Pompeo was…

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The Truth About Pregnancy Care Centers

CPCI’s CEO Scott Baier spoke alongside a panel of pro-life executives at the monthly Luncheons for Life gathering in Fort Myers, Florida. With over 150 pro-life advocates in attendance, Scott and three other pregnancy resource center leaders participated in a Q&A panel discussion. Their insights and expertise allowed the audience to understand the full scope of services that are being provided at their organizations to women and families experiencing crisis pregnancies.

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YOUniversity Model at Gainesville FL

A dark force is at work in Gainesville, just like in major college towns across the country. As national statistics will attest, an insidious culture that encourages a risky sexual lifestyle is turning campuses into primary breeding grounds for unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), abortion, and broken lives.

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SHARE is Helping Youth Make Choices That Lead to Life

Through SHARE, Community Pregnancy Clinics, Inc. (CPCI) is confronting the “hook up” culture at its roots: in middle schools, high school, and on college campuses.

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The Little House That Could

In 2017, CPCI expanded into Sarasota, FL thanks to preborn donations from a pro-life parishioner at St. Isabel’s Catholic Church and the Divine Providence bringing the right people together.

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clinics throughout the state as well as 2 Mobile Medical Clinics