Board of Directors

David Joyce


David Joyce and his wife Maria moved to Naples, Florida from Springfield, Massachusetts. They have three children and one grandchild.

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Jeff Kaczka


Jeff Kaczka and his wife Donna are the parents of three boys. Having grown up in New Jersey, Jeff worked as a former CFO at several…

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Constance M. Burke


Constance Burke and her husband Joseph Boff are the proud parents of six children. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Constance and her family…

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Scott Baier


Scott Baier assumed the role of CEO at Community Pregnancy Clinics in June of 2021. He is originally from upstate New York and now resides in Estero, FL…

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Lucia Barone

Lucia Barone and her husband BJ have three children and eight grandchildren. Originally from New Jersey, Naples, Florida has been their home…

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Lynn Blanford

Lynn Blanford and her husband Lawrence are the parents of two children and have two grandchildren. Originally from Dayton, Ohio…

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Karen Chancy

A native of Naples, Florida, Karen Chancy has been closely connected with CPCI her whole life as her mother was a founding member of the organization in 1974.

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Maripat Dalum

Maripat joined the Board in 2018 with a long history of involvement in pro-life and pro-family causes and organizations, including…

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Tina Ferrao

Originally from Fairbury, Illinois, Tina Ferrao, and her husband Aubrey currently reside in Naples, Florida.

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Gary C. Ingold

Gary Ingold and his wife Ginny have two children and nine grandchildren. Originally from Illinois, Gary and his family now reside in Ave Maria, Florida.

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William Maclear

William Maclear and his wife Sandra make their home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their family of three children and four grandchildren…

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Maureen Murphy

​​In 1990, Maureen began working with CPCI as a volunteer counselor. By 1996, she became a board member, serving as secretary for several years.

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Gerrie Musicco

Gerrie Musicco and her husband Jean-Paul are the parents of three adult children. After moving to Naples, Florida from Connecticut…

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Advisory Council

Kathleen Kane

Peter Bewley

Brent Boles, M.D.

Jim Cunningham

Christine Kroeger

John Galante

Robert Davis

Steven W. Mosher

Dr. Jim Nite

Richard Owens

Jim Stewart

Michael Timmis

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Established in 1974, CPCI has over 45 years of experience when it comes to protecting lives from abortion