CEO Scott Baier Responds to Florida’s 6-Week Abortion Ban

On April 13, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Heartbeat Protection Act into law. Read the letter from CPCI’s CEO, Scott Baier, to find out how our non profit medical clinic is continuing to provide care, compassion, and choices to women in Florida.

Dear CPCI Family,

Today I have big news to share. As our country continues to battle over access to abortion, we are extremely grateful for your unwavering support of CPCI and dedication to defending life in the womb. Since 1974, just one year after Roe vs. Wade was passed, CPCI has been helping women and saving lives from abortion, and our efforts at CPCI have grown exponentially. Now, we are stepping into a new chapter. 

The state of Florida has just passed a 6-week ban on abortion which will go into effect upon Governor DeSantis’ signature. Many are asking what this means for pro-life efforts in Florida. Although this law is a step in the right direction, we must realize this will not end abortion in our state. In fact, this 6-week ban has several exceptions including pregnancy cases of rape, incest, and human trafficking. In these cases, women will still be able to legally obtain an abortion up to 15-weeks gestation. Abortion in each of these cases ignores the truth that abortion intentionally kills an innocent child and damages the mother. Additionally, abortion clinics will now have several loopholes which will allow them to continue performing abortions after 6-weeks. As a result, we suspect Florida abortion clinics to remain open. We must continue to fight for a complete and total ban on abortion and make the killing of an innocent life in the womb unthinkable.  

We can expect the pro-abortion response will be panicking women about this new legislation; harping on women losing access to “choices” and “women’s healthcare.” They will encourage women to bypass normal channels of obtaining an abortion, including ordering the abortion pill to be delivered directly to their home and taken without any physician oversight. Right now, over 50% of abortions in our country are chemical abortions. We expect this number to rise, especially here in Florida. 

At CPCI, we will be there for these fearful women, meeting them where they are. We know that 18–30-year-old women who are most at risk of abortion, are turning to their phones for help. We are continuing to monitor Google’s algorithm and do our best to rank CPCI as the top pregnancy resource in Google search results. Additionally, we have just launched a live 24/7 “Chat with a Nurse” feature on our client website which will allow women and nurses to chat directly. The goal of this feature is to establish a pre-appointment relationship with women, provide answers for her medical questions, schedule her an appointment at one of our clinics to provide quality care, and help her choose life for her child. 

This new feature is one of the many ways in which CPCI continues to exhibit responsive innovation in the fight for life. We ask that you pray for Florida, in thanksgiving for the lives that will be saved and protection for those still at risk. Know that our CPCI team will continue meeting women in crisis and serving them with compassionate care. No matter the law, women who become unexpectedly pregnant are going to be seeking abortion, and our medical team will be there to educate and empower them to choose life. 

For Life,

Scott Baier

CEO, Community Pregnancy Clinics

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