CEO Scott Baier Shares What CPCI is Doing with Bob Harden

Community Pregnancy Clinics CEO, Scott Baier, was a guest on the Bob Harden Show on November 25th where he discussed what CPCI is doing in its mission to save babies from abortion by providing care, compassion, and choices to the communities that we serve. Below is the full transcript of the radio broadcast interview.

Bob Harden Welcome back to The Bob Harden Show. And now here’s your host, Bob Harden. Thanks so much for joining us here on the show. We’re providing you with news and commentary rooted in a commitment to individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, and the rule of law. Coming up, we’re going to visit with Professor Larry Bell. Right now, we have with us Scott Baier. He is the CEO of the Community Pregnancy Clinics. Scott, thank you so much for joining us. 

Scott Baier Good morning, Bob. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. 

Bob Harden It’s my pleasure, Scott. Tell us about the Community Pregnancy Clinics. 

Scott Baier Yes. So we are the largest group of crisis pregnancy centers in the state of Florida. From Naples up to Fort Myers, Sarasota, all the way up to Gainesville at the University of Florida. 

Bob Harden And the work that you do is unlike the work of Planned Parenthood. Maybe you could speak to it in juxtaposition to what Planned Parenthood is all about. 

Scott Baier Yeah, So, you know, it’s quite a diametric opposite approach because we are all about serving the women in a way that’s not using euphemisms of reproductive health services or other euphemisms that the left might use. But, you know, we’re offering real concrete resources to our clients so that they can hopefully choose life. That consists of pregnancy tests, STI testing, counseling services, referral services, and three years of material assistance, for our clients if they choose life. And of course, the magic of the ultrasound helps the woman really bond with that baby and the reality of what’s growing inside of her. But we like to say that unless a woman feels lovable, she’s not loveable. So we really want to extend that merciful hand of love during a time of crisis, you know, for the clients that we serve. 

Bob Harden And the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. You’ve done a terrific job. I was just looking at some statistics on your website about the results that you’ve attained. 

Scott Baier Yes. You know, this model works. It’s a medical mercy model. So we’ve had over, thousands of women that we’ve served. And over just last year alone, 1400 women who chose life after coming in thinking that they didn’t have a real choice. And, you know, that gets back to that medically accurate information piece. The left doesn’t want to admit the fact, and they want to do what I call the largest cover-up in history, that abortion really does harm women. I mean, if you talk about some of the stats with pre-term labor with subsequent births, the high amounts of breast cancer, mental health issues with depression, anxiety, and regret. I say being pro-life is being pro-woman. And if we’re going to really help women, we’ve got to give them the resources that they need and the medically accurate information that they can use to make a real informed choice. 

Bob Harden Yeah. So just a sidebar here. How did Ian, how did the hurricane affect you in your work? 

Scott Baier Yes. So our Fifth Avenue North Clinic took on two feet of water. We’re still recovering with our renovations. We’re hoping to be back up and running in December. We do have a Creech Road Clinic that’s been operational since then, but our Fifth Avenue clinic took on lots of water. And we like to say Ian had an accident in our clinic. Actually, we had a row of diapers on the ground floor of our material assistance room that helped soak up some of the water. So our diapers really did help with Ian’s accident. But we are in the process of, continuing to grow and expand in the state of Florida. You know, one of the things that makes us unique is our university model, that we’re not only dealing with the symptom of abortion, but really trying to get, again, information and resources to women before they enter into that crisis pregnancy. And so our university model, our share program, our sexual health, and relationship education program is an outreach that really makes us unique. So we have people going into middle schools, high schools, church groups, and youth groups and so forth to share good information that’s going to help people, you know, to be healthy and productive citizens. 

Bob Harden Yeah, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure for sure. So I’ve had the pleasure with my wife of attending your Community for Life events in past years, and it’s had a material impact on me and my thinking and how I see the work of Community Pregnancy Clinics. You just do an outstanding job. You meet these little babies where perhaps the mother was considering alternatives to having the baby because of whatever reason. And it’s just beautiful families that you see there and great outcomes. So it’s just really reinforcing to see something like that. And now you’ve got an event. Coming up on February the 25th.

Scott Baier Yes, it’s our yearly celebration of life. And like you said, we bring people together who are supporters of ours and others who are just curious about us. And it’s really a great event. But this year it’s at the Ritz, Tiburon, on February 25th. And we have Kayleigh McEnany the former White House press secretary, joining us, who also is expecting this December. And so we’re hoping she brings her newborn baby with her on February 25th. But yeah, you are certainly invited again. And I’d welcome all your listeners to join us and support our lifesaving work and just have a great time and a great celebration. 

Bob Harden Well, speaking of that, of course, how are you funded? 

Scott Baier Yes. So we are privately funded. We don’t take any government dollars. And so we really do rely on the time, talent, and treasure of our supporters, which across the state of Florida, we have many, but we could use many more, obviously, because the work continues to grow and the needs are there as the economy kind of declines. More and more clients have, you know, greater needs. And we’re just trying to be here to meet those needs each and every day. 

Bob Harden Absolutely. With additional challenges from Ian and other things. So I just encourage our listeners to go to your website. It’s Now you have a couple of websites. Is this the right?

Scott Baier Yes, that would be for our supporters. And if someone is in need of our services, that would be 

 Bob Harden, again for more information on their services, and if you’re not in crisis right now but you want to find out more about the event coming up on February 25th, Scott, you’re doing terrific work. You and your organization. Just really appreciate you taking time now on Thanksgiving weekend to come on the show. Thank you so much for joining us. 

Scott Baier Thank you, Bob, And God bless you and all of your listeners.

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