EWTN Highlights the YOUniversity Model at CPCI Gainesville

EWTN highlighted the work of our non profit medical clinic in Gainesville, Florida. Watch the video or read the full transcript below to see how our YOUniversity Model is affecting college students at the University of Florida. Because of your pro life donations, CPCI is reaching young women and men before they are in crisis and transforming the college culture.

Prudence Robertson: This week, we take you inside Community Pregnancy Clinics in Gainesville, Florida where staff members say they are doing their best each day to save lives. Community Pregnancy Clinics has seven locations throughout the state. We spent some time at the Gainesville center recently to learn about the services they provide for new moms and babies. This center has a particularly unique mission as it is situated right on the campus of the University of Florida. It’s well known that the abortion industry regularly targets young college women and even wants to make chemical abortion pills available on campuses throughout the United States.

Pam Stenzel: Having a child doesn’t need to end all of those dreams. And we want to make sure that that they know that, “hey, you could still choose life for your child and still accomplish all of those goals that you have for your future.”

Prudence Robertson: Pam Stenzel is the Client Services Director for Community Pregnancy Clinics, an organization which helps mothers choose life by providing free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, and even free counseling.

Pam Stenzel: Yes, we want to save babies and help moms, But but we are really concerned about changing culture.

PG Schafer: We make sure that they know, you know, if you take a minute and take a step back and take a deep breath and have someone come in with you that would be supportive of you or that you would want to see this process with you, you have time to do that with no options being off the table.

Prudence Robertson: PG Schaefer is a registered nurse who works at the Gainesville center. She has been serving families at pro-life clinics for ten years now and says, “It’s the most rewarding job she has ever had,” especially when she sees the change in a mother’s face.

PG Schafer: I saw this panicked, upset, young women go from deer in headlights to a smile on her face. I mean, I literally watched her transform.

Prudence Robertson: And one student studying to be a nurse at the university says it is often difficult to bring pro-life views into the medical field.

Ann Hitpas: It’s a difficult situation to bring your your faith based political ideologies into the health care system. Sometimes some people have a view that it’s some human right to have an abortion, that it’s health care.

Katie Yarborough: With the reversal of Roe v Wade, I think it’s more important than ever to talk about these issues, especially the supportive services that we provide in the pro-life movement.

Prudence Robertson: Katie Yarborough is the president of Students for Life at the University of Florida. In her daily life, she is actively advocating for the unborn and says she is thankful for the pro-life resources offered to students on campus.

Katie Yarborough: They say we don’t support women at all and we only care about babies before they’re born. So I think that having these pregnancy centers in Gainesville is a way to show we do care about mothers and we care about the babies after they’re born, and we want to be there to support them and provide them with the care that they need.

Ian Lynch: A lot of the time people think this is just a women’s issue and they completely disregard the man. And it’s important for not only men of faith, but men in general to step up and take responsibility.

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