Pam Stenzel Advocates for All Lives in the Womb at National Conference

While Florida’s Heartbeat Bill which has been recently signed by Governor DeSantis is a step in the right direction for the Pro-Life Movement, it does not protect all lives in the womb before 6-weeks. In cases of rape, incest, and human trafficking, women will be legally allowed to get an abortion until 15-weeks gestation.

A recent Catholic News Report article highlights CPCI’s Director of Client Services, Pam Stenzel, and her fight to protect every life in the womb and help women in unplanned pregnancies at our non profit medical clinic. Conceived in rape herself and adopted by a loving family, Pam Stenzel is living proof that all life is valuable. Read the full article to find out more about Pam’s powerful work at CPCI and her featured appearance at the Bringing America Back to Life Conference. – Bringing Pro-Life Clarity Back to the Pro-Life Movement.

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