Pregnancy Resource Centers are Needed Now More Than Ever Before

Since Governor Ron DeSantis has signed Florida’s new 6-week abortion ban, pregnancy resource centers are needed now more than ever before. Although Governor DeSantis has signed the ban, it will not go into effect until the Florida Supreme Court rules favorably in the current legal challenge to Florida’s 15-week abortion ban. A final ruling is likely months away, and in the meantime, abortions in Florida will continue at a record pace. That said, it is crucial that women considering abortion know about the free and life-affirming services of pregnancy resource centers near them.

While the pro-abortion response to this new legislation will be to harp on women losing access to “choices,” the pro-life response must be to spring into action and direct women toward pregnancy resource centers. There, they will be treated with compassionate care, provided resources, and educated on her pregnancy options.

While the 6-week abortion ban is a step in the right direction, it will not eradicate unexpected pregnancies, and the new law leaves thousands of pre-born lives unprotected in the womb. In fact, last year in Florida alone, there were 82,314 abortions with 45,869 occurring within the first six weeks of gestation! Additionally, due to loopholes in the current bill, as well as economic realities and availability of chemical abortion, the demand for the services of pregnancy resource centers will grow like never before.

That said, pregnancy resource centers will continue meeting women in crisis and serving them with compassionate care. No matter the law, women who become unexpectedly pregnant are going to be seeking abortion, and pregnancy resource centers will be there to educate and empower them to choose life. 

If you would like to support women in unexpected pregnancies receive the compassionate care and resources they need, make a pre born donation today or find out how you can get involved at our non profit medical clinic. Your support of CPCI is saving thousands of lives throughout the state of Florida.

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