The Truth About Pregnancy Care Centers

This past week, CPCI’s CEO Scott Baier spoke alongside a panel of pro-life executives at the monthly Luncheons for Life gathering in Fort Myers, Florida. With over 150 pro-life advocates in attendance, Scott and three other pregnancy resource center leaders participated in a Q&A panel discussion. Their insights and expertise allowed the audience to understand the full scope of services that are being provided at their organizations to help women and families experiencing crisis pregnancies.

In his remarks, Scott shared,“The opposition is calling us pro-birth and saying we are not really pro-life. I think we can all agree that we are pro-life, pro-abundant life, and pro-eternal life.” His words debunked today’s popular claim that pregnancy centers are “fake clinics” and do not actually help women. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

At CPCI, your generous support allows our medical staff to offer free care, compassion, and choices to women both before and after birth. Before birth, CPCI provides free pregnancy tests, free STI testing, and free ultrasounds. After birth, we offer both material and emotional assistance to moms up until the child is three years old. Scott went on to explain how pregnancy centers cannot fulfill every need these women have, but we can and do connect them with local resources that can serve them in additional areas outside of CPCI’s scope of care. This includes housing, adoption referrals, food pantries, affordable OBGYN care, and more.

These life-affirming services are only possible because of your generous support!

Moving forward, the only way our non-profit medical clinic can truly help women and families in a post-Roe world is by expanding the outreach and impact of pregnancy care centers. However, many people are unaware of the pro-life centers that are in their local area. In the United States, only 4% of Christian churches are actively involved in the pro-life movement. We need people who are willing to step up and get their Church community involved in building a culture of life throughout Florida.

Not sure where to begin? Register HERE to attend CPCI’s upcoming free conference on how to equip your church to become a champion for life. 

Because of your support, we are working harder than ever to love and serve women and save lives. Whether it be through your time, talent, or treasure, please help us end abortion through your continued generous support of CPCI. There can be no greater reward than helping a woman embrace the gift of motherhood and bring a new life into the world.


Community Pregnancy Clinics believes that our hearts know the truth of who we truly are. We all have immeasurable value and worth which is why we offer care, compassion, and choices to our clients.