Trey Radel and CPCI’s CEO Scott Baier Discuss What Pregnancy Resource Centers Do

Community Pregnancy Clinics CEO, Scott Baier, was a guest on former Congressman, Trey Radel’s Radio Show, The Drive, on July 16th. Scott and Trey discussed what non profit medical clinics like CPCI are doing since the overturning of Roe v. Wade.
Below is the full transcript of the radio broadcast interview.

Trey Radel Trey Radel, your host of The Drive here. There is something that’s really appalling that’s happening right now within the Democrat Party and the way that they are coalescing around a very specific set of talking points in order to utilize the overturning of Roe v Wade. Politically, they want to utilize Roe v Wade to help really kind of at minimum, stave off some of the massive losses that they’re probably looking at this November in terms of losses in the House and the United States Senate. And they believe that since they don’t have what I would call a kitchen table, issues like gas and groceries to run on the economy and more, they’re going to utilize Roe v Wade and the overturning of it to paint not just Republicans as terrible people, but and this is where it gets really sinister people who have invested their lives in helping young women who are pregnant or really women of all ages who have what is sometimes referred to as a crisis pregnancy. They are making these people who devote their lives to helping others as villains. Take a listen to this. This is Senator Elizabeth Warren, who I am no fan of. And you’ll get a flavor of what she’s doing, what she’s saying. And then we’re going to have a guest on who’s local here in southwest Florida that that runs what’s called the community pregnancy clinics. And we’ll talk with him about this. Take a listen.

Trey Radel Senator Warren also taking aim at pregnancy crisis centers here in Massachusetts. These so-called crisis pregnancy centers outnumber genuine abortion clinics by 3 to 1. She says women walk into the centers believing they’ll get abortions. Instead, they try to talk women out of it. She calls it a bait and switch. They are giving it over to people who wish them harm, and that has to stop. We need to put a stop to that in Massachusetts right now.

Trey Radel I cannot I hear this woman’s voice and it makes me agitated. But I just want to take a second before we get to our guest to break down what she’s doing. First of all, what she’s saying is that these places that can educate and help give aid to people who do not want to abort their child are the problem. Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe that these places that might suggest something radical like adoption are outnumber abortion clinics. The other thing to note in all of this is how Democrats are very much utilizing the word abortion over and over. I don’t know what they’re thinking in terms of message messaging. I digress. Here’s the other part. People walk into them and they and it’s a bait and switch. So in other words, people are dumb. And she says that these places want to hurt them. So to set the record straight and talk about what these organizations do, these 501. C three charities across the nation, including this one here in southwest Florida Community Pregnancy Clinics. We’ve got with a Scott Baier. Baier who is the CEO of this. And Scott, I want to thank you for your time this evening. You know, you’re in the thick of it hearing the rhetoric surrounding places like what you do. And I would imagine that you probably have seen some of the blowback on TV and more. Scott If I could, I’d like to get right to it. Can you just tell us what Community Pregnancy Clinics does? What do you do there?

Scott Baier Thank you so much. It’s a great opportunity just to share the good stuff that we’re doing. And the reality is we’ve been doing this now for 50 years. We’ve been around since 1974. There are 2700 crisis pregnancy clinics which is the classification name that you can use that have been helping women tens of thousands and millions of women for fifty years or more. So this idea that Elizabeth Warren, you know, I challenge all of these people who are using the talking points. Have they ever stepped foot into one of our clinics? Of course not. Right. And so the reality is what we’re providing is something the other side is not. They are abortion focused, so they’re offering abortion. We, on the other hand, we offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI testing, three years of material assistance for a woman who has the baby, and referral services so they are connected with what’s out there as well. See, most women don’t know what’s available to them, you know, in their own communities. And we’re offering them the options we are. I mean, I say this lightly. We’re the real “choice” organization that’s offering real choices with medically accurate information. I spent some time in the military, so have an understanding of what tunnel vision is, these women often have tunnel vision. They’re in a crisis situation. Sometimes the pressure is there, right? From a partner…..I say from partners, parents sometimes, or pimps. At least one of the three P’s is there. So you have women being pressured. And then here we are walking with them with mercy and compassion, offering opportunities for them to say, You know what, I think I can have this baby if that’s hopefully what they choose. But we’re here to walk with them, not to force something on them, that just, frankly, the other side is doing all the time. We have clients that come to us who have been to, let’s say, a Planned Parenthood and have had that experience. You can ask them – they have vastly different from what they experience as they walk through our doors.

Trey Radel Scott, you used a word there that caught all of our attention, all of our eyebrows shot up. The word pimp, which look in popular culture, hip hop culture. Yeah, I get it. It’s like how we kind of glorify people who are actually murderers, like Al Capone and more. What you’re referring to, though, in a very harsh and matter-of-fact way, is that you know, women will come to you. There might be this sort of this predisposition thinking, well, it must just be a bunch of teen girls that that got a little you know, did some of this and that. But I would imagine that you’re dealing with women who are active prostitutes, maybe women who have been. Am I am I going too far by saying have you ever dealt with people who’ve been raped?

Scott Baier Absolutely no. Drew, I hate to say that we see it quite frequently. The reality is we know human trafficking is on the rise. It’s a reality. It’s around our corner, right? It’s not out there somewhere. It’s in our own community. So, of course, we have women who come to us from these situations, but not openly spoken. But here’s what we’re offering. We’re offering the counseling, we’re offering the mentorship, which allows us to form relationships, relationships with these women. And, you know, if it’s a situation where we see right away where this is, this is not a healthy situation, then we’re going to try to assist them to get out of that situation, to break the cycle of pain. But often we’re seeing, I would say, a substantial number of women who are feeling pressure in some way. Now, most women have 80% or more for financial pressure. That that tunnel vision, they just don’t see how they can have a baby without some kind of support, whether it’s material support, whether it’s assistance with job placements and so forth. Then you have the other percentage of women who are thinking about choosing abortion because frankly, because it’s more convenient. Right? I have my career. I have my my education to further. All right. We can allow them to kind of process that and see how they can still have a baby and not lose those things. And then that fortunately, smaller percentage but still significant are the ones that are under direct pressure from those around her. And again, I grew up in the eighties so sorry for putting the word pimp there but yeah.

Trey Radel No, no, I’m with you, man. That’s why I sent it back out. Yes.

Scott Baier Exactly. These are human traffickers who are forcing abortion on their on their victims. Now, this also brings up the reality. We can maybe talk about it in the future, but the reality of chemical abortion, you know, with Roe being overturned, chemical abortion, which is now going to be the left’s go to, they are going to call it contraception. Actually, this is a harmful drug that’s being given to women. And it’s one in five who are having complications. There’s been 24 deaths that we know of. This is going to be the norm. But we know of again trafficking perpetrators who are putting the pill into the water or the drinks of their victims. We have partners who are giving it to the women who want them to have an abortion. It’s a horrific reality. It’s something we’re educating women on. Right. Because there are complications and challenges that go along with the chemical abortion pill, which are could be dangerous to the woman’s health, obviously. And here’s the Biden administration who took away the REMS protocols, you know, the risk evaluation mitigation strategies. There are only 26 drugs that have been classified that need REMS protocols and RU486 is one of those. But here we are now, remove those restrictions and let’s do death by mail. So the reality is horrifying when you get down again into the world I’m living in on the ground floor of what’s happening.

Trey Radel Scott Baier on the line with us right now with community pregnancy clinics. So you’re based here in southwest Florida, but you have clinics throughout the state, correct?

Scott Baier Yeah, we have two in Naples, one in Fort Myers, one in Sarasota, and one at the University of Florida, right on the campus of UF in Gainesville.

Trey Radel So if you are interested in learning more, you can go to community pregnancy clinics. I will also share this though. A few listening. Look, this is a 500 1c3 and it 501 C threes are dependent upon contributions. And if you are interested in learning more and perhaps supporting them, you could go to support CPCI, that’s to support community pregnancy clinics. Scott So. Let’s sort of go through a woman coming to you. And they come to the clinic. What’s it like, help me out here? And understanding the basic process? Is it. I understand the educational facets of it, but do you just basically lay out like, look, you know, you can keep the child and live with the child and raise the child. Adoption is also an option. Is that something else that you will entertain as a possibility? And then through that, when you’ve got someone who can’t afford to, you know, pay barely pay their rent and now to live a healthy lifestyle as a pregnant woman, do you also, when you go through presenting those options, do you also supply aid for them to be able to just kind of live daily life and live a healthy life?

Scott Baier Absolutely. I can tell you story after story of women and the specific, you know, needs that they had. We had one couple who said, you know what, we already have two kids. We can’t fit another kid in the car. We said, what if we got you a used car? We’ll have the baby they said. And it gets down to that kind of, again, tunnel vision. It’s one of those things. But in terms of what it’s like when they walk through our doors, you’re right, there’s only three options. Either you have the baby. You can offer up the baby for adoption or there’s abortion, you know? And we’re going to educate them on all three of those, again, with medically accurate information, the risk and the challenges of all three of those. And obviously, there’s the classification of life minded women. Right. We serve those. Obviously, we’re going to support them again with diapers and whatever they need for three years. They can come back once a month and they receive not only services like counseling and mentorship, education, possibilities for basic life skills and so forth, but real practical things too like diapers and with prices going up. Thank you, Joe Biden. The diapers are going from the box to the bottom of the baby within two weeks. So we have a huge need for diapers. But the other ones are the abortion vulnerable women we see who say, I really want to have the baby. I just don’t see how I can do it. Okay. We’re going to walk them through what that could look like. They actually have the baby and the resources that are available.

Scott Baier The biggest challenge, though are the ones that are abortion minded or abortion determined. But even then we say to them, listen, you have to do three things if you’re going to choose an abortion. You know, we kind of we hope you don’t. But if you do, you have to verify your pregnancy. Okay, free pregnancy test. And then you also have to have an ultrasound to verify there’s no complications. Hey, we’ll do that. Why would you go to a place that’s going to sell you abortion and have to pay them because $800. Right? To get an abortion go through the whole process here in southwest Florida. Oh, and then thirdly, you better check to see if you have an STI, because if you have an infection, that’s going to cause complications no matter what you choose. So we’re going to offer those three things and then we’re going to counsel them in each of those three areas to say, here’s what you know, and here are your options. But we’re going to be here to walk with you no matter what you choose. Obviously hoping that they choose life. But this idea that, you know, that we are harming women is totally false, abortion is an industry. It’s an industry and it’s based on revenue. Compassion is costs. So as you pointed out, go to, there’s cost to what we’re doing are intentions are only to help women to have Elizabeth Warren saying that we want to harm women. Again it’s not surprising but it’s frustrating.

Trey Radel Actually that’s what I’d love to wrap up with here. Again, on the line with us right now is Scott Baier. He’s the CEO of Community Pregnancy Clinics. And if you are interested in supporting them, it’s a 501c3. They depend on it. Scott, we started with Elizabeth Warren essentially calling you evil and calling anyone who might be pregnant, essentially dumb, which is to me a very typical sort of leftist progressive mindset, which is someone like Elizabeth Warren clearly knows better than anyone else, and she can make decisions for everyone else. What do you see happening here culturally? You know, you’re a C-3. I’m not going to get into politics with you. I understand that you’ve got guidelines there. But culturally, man, there is a backlash from a specific segment in this country right now that is coming at you. Have you felt that? What do you expect?

Scott Baier Yeah, so I would say we have felt it. We’re seeing an uptick like harassment, you know, in terms of online harassment and so forth. Thank goodness. No physical threats. But we know over 40 clinics like ours have been attacked around the country. And, you know, so what’s happened? Thing is, you know, it’s not political. It’s more faith based in terms of the reality of spiritually, this is a demonic frenzy. These are radical elements, out there. Planned Parenthood has not done a good job at the grassroots level. That’s why you heard her refer to there’s 3 to 1, three of our clinics compared to one of theirs. They were already having struggles. They can’t find abortion doctors, fewer people that want to actually take part in this process of abortion. So you have this demonic frenzy, as I call it, rising up because they realize they’re outnumbered in terms of the clinics, but also the women who are understanding what’s happening when they walk into one of their clinics, which is, you know, coercion often. And they’re accusing us of the same thing that they’re doing, right? The coercion in the sense of limiting resources and choices of women. And somehow we’re serving the women? It’s just not the truth. It’s not reality, because I’m seeing it every day here in our clinics and clinics like ours around the country.

Trey Radel Scott, first of all, thank you for what you do. It really is. It’s something that I have known about for years and learned about many years ago. And just as I heard this happening more and more often, I really wanted to reach out. And I cannot thank you enough for your time today. Again, community pregnancy clinics, they’re based here in southwest Florida, and now they’ve expanded to other parts of Florida. You can go to and if you are interested in supporting them, you go to Scott, thank you so much again for the work you do and thank you for your time tonight. We appreciate it.

Scott Baier Right back at you. Thank you Trey, appreciate you having me on.

Trey Radel I’m Trey Radel. This is The Drive. We will be right back.

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