Ways to Get Involved at Our Non Profit Medical Clinic

Did you know only 3% of Christian churches are active in the Pro-Life Movement? This is a national tragedy. Your support of our non profit medical clinic is not only appreciated, but it also sets you a part. As we continue to provide women care, compassion, and choices at CPCI, we know that every person’s effort in the Pro-Life Movement matters. Have you been thinking you could do even more to support moms and babies? Below are several hands on ways you can help!

1. Become a CPCI Client Advocate

Our client advocates are paired up with CPCI moms and provide them with mentoring and care on a regular basis through discussing online parenting classes, healthy relationships, and more. Contact Kathryn Hallinan khallinan@community4life.com if you are interested in learning more.

2. Become a CarePortal Church Responder

CarePortal is an online platform that connects our pregnancy centers to local churches. Whenever our clients need larger tangible items (ie: stroller, car seat, crib), we input the need to CarePortal which notifies the local CarePortal church responders. Church responders then have the opportunity to respond and purchase items for our moms in need. We have had incredible success with CarePortal thanks to a handful of local churches! Initiate positive change in your church and lead a CarePortal team by signing up on the CarePortal website.

3. Start a Baby Drive

Host a baby drive at your church, school, or workplace and provide moms with items they need to support their babies. Contact Kathryn Hallinan at khallinan@community4life.com to coordinate a baby drive in Naples or Fort Myers or Todd Dawson at tdawson@community4life.com to coordinate a drive in Sarasota or Gainesville.

You are the reason why 21,000 babies have been saved from abortion at CPCI. Make a pro life donation today and support women in Gainesville, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Naples.

Community Pregnancy Clinics believes that our hearts know the truth of who we truly are. We all have immeasurable value and worth which is why we offer care, compassion, and choices to our clients.