YOUniversity Model in Gainesville, Florida

A dark force is at work in Gainesville, just like in all major college towns across the country.

As national statistics will attest, an insidious culture that encourages a risky sexual lifestyle is turning campuses into primary breeding grounds for unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), abortion, and broken lives. These are the tragic symptoms of a campus culture now undermining the potential of top-rated University of Florida’s students — our future healthcare professionals, business leaders, teachers and parents.


  • Florida’s highest abortion ratios and rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are found in countries with the largest university enrollments.
  • Gainesville’s population of 131,000 includes 76,000 students attending the University of Florida and Santa Fe College.
  • In Alachua County, home of the University of Florida at Gainesville, 560 babies are aborted for every 1,000 live births.
  • Young people ages 15-24 account for over 50% of the 22 million cases of STIs reported annually.
  • Alachua county’s STI rate is 175% higher than the overall rate of the state.

When these young adults seek relief from their symptoms, they will find only the world’s “solutions” … contraception that is never reliable … surgical abortions that destroy lives … or the equally devastating chemical abortions that promise to make ending a pregnancy as “easy” and “convenient” as popping two pills? Not on our watch.

With a groundswell of support from caring people like you, CPCI is working overtime in Gainesville to eradicate the cause — the campus hook-up culture — through our newly launched, unprecedented, forward-thinking, campus outreach program: YOUniversity. The compelling facts are the driving force behind our Pregnancy Resource Center‘s strategic and multi-faceted YOUniversity campus outreach initiative, where success is defined by lives touched and transformed.

YOUniversity was launched in 2019 with the opening of CPCI’s fifth professional medical clinic in Gainesville. Providentially located within footsteps of the University of Florida campus, CPCI Gainesville is in the thick of a culture that literally needs life support.

Peel back the onion, and you’ll find Alachua County is home to UF and Santa Fe College, both in Gainesville where students comprise 58% of the population. In addition, our mobile medical clinic is at FGCU, FSW, and Ave Maria University. Here, as national and state statistics demonstrate, the “hook up” culture is prevalent in the 15-to-24-year-old age group of teens and young adults. And it is here—perhaps more than anywhere else in Florida—that the potential for change is powerful and far-reaching. By offering free pregnancy testing, free ultrasounds, and free STI testing, CPCI is here to support Florida’s young people.

“Through YOUniversity, CPCI seeks to prevent “crisis” pregnancies, abortions, STIs and shattered futures by taking direct aim at the culture which is their root cause. It begins by connecting with America’s—and Florida’s—most abortion vulnerable population: college students.”

CPCI also has clinics in Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Naples. Make an appointment today.

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