Kathryn Marriott Promotes CPCI’s 50th Anniversary Season on Bob Harden Show

Outreach Coordinator, Kathryn Marriott, was recently interviewed on the Bob Harden Show promoting CPCI’s 50th Anniversary season and discussing the work of our non profit medical clinics. Read the transcription of the interview below. 


Bob Harden: Thanks so much for joining us here on the show. It’s brought to you in part by Gulfshore Playhouse: changing lives through exceptional theater experiences. You can find out more and get tickets. The website is Gulfshoreplayhouse.org. We have with us Kathryn Marriott. She is the Outreach Coordinator for the Community Pregnancy Clinics. Kathryn, thank you so much for joining us here on the show.

Kathryn Marriott: Thank you for having me, Bob.

Bob Harden: Certainly, my pleasure. Tell us about the Community Pregnancy Clinics.

Kathryn Marriott: Sure. So we’re the largest system of pregnancy centers in the state of Florida. We have clinics in Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Gainesville, as well as two mobile medical clinics which parks throughout the state in different abortion-vulnerable communities. All of our services are free and confidential, and we exist just to serve women with care, compassion, and choices before, during, and after birth.

Bob Harden: Fantastic organization. I’ve been to some of the galas that you’ve hosted and to meet parents that have maybe had an unwanted pregnancy and ended up being having so much love for the child- it’s just an amazing experience for me. And of course, Tucker Carlson and other speakers that we’ve had come through just been amazing, too. I understand you’ve got the 50th Anniversary Gala coming up.

Kathryn Marriott: Yes, exactly. So 2024 does mark our 50th anniversary. Our first clinic was founded in 1974, just a few months after Roe versus Wade was originally passed. So what started as a tiny volunteer-run clinic in Naples has expanded to, like I said, the largest system of pregnancy centers in Florida. So, we’re very excited to be celebrating our 50th anniversary. And on April 6th, 2024, we will be having our Anniversary Gala. Black tie event. It will be in Naples at the Ritz-Carlton Tiburon. And we’re extremely excited to announce that Michael Knowles from The Daily Wire will be our featured speaker. So very excited to celebrate the legacy of life CPCI has created.

Bob Harden: That’s so cool. So, Kathryn, how do we get tickets? How do we get information about the gala?

Kathryn Marriott: Sure. So, information about the gala can be found on our support website, which is supportcpci.com. We also have our client website. If you want to learn more about our services, which is communitypregnancyclinic.com.

Bob Harden: Communitypregnancyclinic.com. So I understand you have a 24/7 nurse chat on your website.

Kathryn Marriott: Yes, exactly. So that is found on our client facing website communitypregnancyclinic.com and that was launched a few months ago, and it’s exactly what it says: it’s the 24/7 nurse chat. So, women who are in crisis, need to learn more about our services, how we can help them, can go to our site at any time of the day and be connected directly with a live nurse who can provide them more information, counseling, support and most importantly, book an appointment at one of our clinics throughout the state.

Bob Harden: Yeah, terrific service indeed. Because I can only imagine an unwanted pregnancy, and all of a sudden you feel abandoned I’m sure by the community. Community Pregnancy Clinics just do outstanding work in order to provide that kind of support. So, by the way, how did how did you weather the the hurricanes?

Kathryn Marriott: Yes. So our clinics are doing well. Please send prayers to our Gainesville clinic, which looks like it’ll be in the path of the most destruction. So today, our Naples and Fort Myers clinics are open and seeing clients. Our Sarasota clinic, I believe, is doing a half day and then our Gainesville clinic will be closed until we see how that storm is going to be affecting them. So, prayers for our clinics, our staff and of course, most importantly, the women and families that we serve in the areas that are going to be impacted are most appreciated.

Bob Harden: Absolutely. And by the way, you mentioned that your services are free of charge to your clients and to the to the women who come to the clinic. How are you funded?

Speaker3: Sure. So we’re funded entirely by private donors. If you want to be a part of the CPCI family and donate, whether it’s your time, talent or treasure, you can do so at supportcpci.com. to learn more about ways that you can donate.

Speaker2: Supportcpci.com again is the website. So any parting message?

Speaker3: Well, we’re just so grateful. We’re so grateful to be in existence to be serving women and families in need and grateful for any of your listeners who are pro-life, who are supporting moms and families who are in vulnerable positions, who may be considering abortion and need support from their communities if they’re not finding it in their family. So, I just thank everyone who is listening. I, of course, thank you, Bob, for having me on the show and just spreading this pro-life message because it is one that is so important and it’s so needed today, especially with the state of our culture right now. So thank you so much for having me. Bob.

Bob Harden: My pleasure. Kathryn Marriott, Outreach Coordinator for Community Pregnancy Clinics. Just genuinely appreciate you coming on the show. Thanks so much for joining us.

Kathryn Marriott: Thanks, Bob. Have a great day.

Bob Harden: You, as well. Thank you. Well, that’s a wrap here on today’s show. I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly did. I learned a lot. Tomorrow, we’ve got great guests, including Keith Flaugh, the Co-Founder of the Florida Citizens Alliance. Michael Cannon is Director of Health Policy Studies at the Cato Institute. Seton Motley is the Founder and President of Less Government, and Bill Barnett, the former mayor of Naples, will be joining us, as well. Lots to catch up on on what’s happening here on the Paradise Coast. Always appreciate your comments on the show. You can send me an email at Bob Hardin@hotmail.com. Also, if you enjoy the show, I hope you’ll tell your friends it’s one of the ways we support our advertisers, and I just genuinely appreciate your support and listening to the show. Thank you so much for joining us. I hope you make it a great day on the Paradise Coast or wherever you are. Namaste.

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