Volunteer Opportunities

Be Part
Of The Community

Join your neighbors in the worldwide effort of life! Make a real change for women in your community, one action at a time.

Ways To Get Involved

Client Mentor

Interested in mentoring moms in need?

Become a client mentor and guide expecting moms or dads through an online parenting curriculum. Contact Director of Client Services, Pam Stenzel, at pstenzel@community4life.com

Mobile Clinic Volunteer

Are you a retired nurse or social worker wanting
to give back to your community?

Support our ultrasound technicians on our mobile clinic and provide counseling services to clients. Contact volunteerservices@community4life.com

Volunteer Receptionist

Interested in interacting directly with women considering abortion?

Become a volunteer front desk coordinator at one of our clinics. Contact Volunteerservices@community4life.com

Gifted Necessities

Want to work in one of our Gifted Necessities Baby Boutiques?

Count and organize baby item donations in our Gifted Necessities Baby Boutique. Contact Volunteerservices@community4life.com

Clinic Maintenance Volunteer

Want your handyman skills to serve a greater purpose?

Help out with tasks around the clinics and the mobiles when needed. Contact Volunteerservices@community4life.com

Care Portal Responder

Want to meet the tangible needs of women and families?

Stay updated on and respond to the current tangible needs of our clients. Contact Volunteerservices@community4life.com

Baby Drive Coordinator

Interested in coordinating a baby drive to support our Gifted Necessities Baby Boutiques?

Coordinate a baby drive at your church, school, or workplace. Contact Volunteerservices@community4life.com

Church Liaison

Want to increase your church's involvement in the Pro-Life movement?

Keep the CPCI Advancement Team in the know about your church’s events, invite a CPCI speaker to your church or youth group, and host a baby drive for moms in need. Contact Volunteerservices@community4life.com

Pit Crew Volunteer

Want to bring us to moms in need?

Provide maintenance or become a volunteer driver for one of our mobile clinics. Contact Volunteerservices@community4life.com