Outreach Coordinator Kathryn Hallinan Discusses Work of CPCI on Bob Harden Show

Kathryn Hallinan, Outreach Coordinator of Community Pregnancy Clinics, was a guest on the Bob Harden Show on February 3, 2023. Kathryn shared about the mission and work of our non-profit medical clinic. Below is the audio broadcast interview and the full transcript.

Announcer: Welcome back to the Bob Harden Show. And now here’s your host, Bob Harden.

Bob Harden: Thanks so much for joining us here on the show. It’s brought to you in part by the Foundation for Government Accountability. We get the politics. We know the policy and the Foundation for Government Accountability prepares your elected officials to win in the legislature. The website is the FGA dot org, thefga.org. Coming up, we’re going to be visiting with Larry Bell, a professor at the University of Houston Space Architecture. Right now, we have with us Kathryn Hallinan. She is the Outreach Coordinator for the Community Pregnancy Clinics. Kathryn, thank you so much for joining us here on the show.

Kathryn Hallinan: Thank you so much, Bob, for having me.

Bob Harden: Well, it’s my pleasure. Tell us about the Community Pregnancy Clinics.

Kathryn Hallinan: Absolutely. So we’re actually the largest system of pregnancy centers in the state of Florida and one of the largest systems in the entire country, which is awesome. Our clinics are in Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Gainesville. So we are really making a statewide impact here in Florida.

Bob Harden: Right. And it’s really stands in juxtaposition to Planned Parenthood. I mean, your mission is around maybe making sure that young people who have an unexpected pregnancy are making an informed decision about their about their choices.

Kathryn Hallinan: Right. Yeah. So we’re definitely different from Planned Parenthood. While they’re pushing abortion on so many women, we are simply providing women with medically accurate information about all of their pregnancy options. So what parenting would look like, adoption would look like, what is the reality of abortion and the mental, emotional, and spiritual risks of having an abortion? And we’re just in existence to show women care, compassion, and give them choices every single day.

Bob Harden: You know, when there’s an unexpected pregnancy, I’m quite certain it could be quite a lonely experience. And where do you turn? I think you published a story about a young woman who’d had an unexpected pregnancy and her mother encouraged her to get an abortion. Maybe you could tell us the story.

Kathryn Hallinan: Yeah, of course. So that was up at one of our clinics up north in Florida. And this young woman, she was a student at the University of Florida, came to our clinic looking for help, shared that her mom was really encouraging her to get an abortion, and she was just distraught and had tunnel vision, which most of the women who come to us when they’re in crisis do right. They can’t see clearly, think clearly, and our counselors just try to help them expand their scope of vision and help them to see that it’s going to be okay. This poor young woman was, you know, so distraught, she did leave our clinic, went to Planned Parenthood, where they prescribed her the chemical abortion pills. She took the first one went home that night, regretted her decision. Thank God she went online where we are pushing our Google ads with our SEOs and our keywords. And she found, thankfully, the Abortion Pill Reversal network. So she did get prescribed the abortion pill reversal, got connected back with our clinic, and then our clinic just supported her throughout her pregnancy. And she has a healthy little baby now.

Bob Harden: That’s a great story indeed. So and that’s the thing. When you’re in crisis, many times you don’t see all the options that you have. You don’t think clearly. So what a great service. And you’ve been around for years, if I’m not mistaken.

Kathryn Hallinan: Yes. Our first clinic in Naples opened in 1974, just months after Roe vs. Wade was originally passed. So we’ve been serving women for 49 years now.

Bob Harden: I understand. How do you pay for this? There’s a lot of services here. Do they charge the women for the services you provide?

Kathryn Hallinan: No. So all of our services are free. They’re confidential. We are just in existence to serve these women. So we are privately funded through donations so people can support us, make a donation through supportcpci.com/donate.

Bob Harden: There’s a big event you’ve got coming up in February. Maybe you can tell us about it.

Kathryn Hallinan: Yeah. So that’s our annual celebration of life. It is called the Your Community for Life Event. It’s happening on February 25th at the Ritz-Carlton Tiburon in Naples. And Kayleigh McEnany, the former White House press secretary, will be our featured speaker. So we’re so excited just to get all of our supporters, anyone who’s curious about our mission together and just celebrate life. It’s going to be great.

Bob Harden: It is going to be great. I’ve been to many, many of these events. And Tucker Carlson, you had some great speakers. You had Governor Huckabee and others, just a great speakers, all with the same message about the important work that the that the Community Pregnancy Clinics is doing. How do we go about getting tickets.

Kathryn Hallinan: So you can go to our website, supportcpci.com/events to register for our event on February 25th.

Bob Harden: Wonderful. I really appreciate your commentator here on the show, Kathryn Hallinan. Again, Outreach Coordinator with the Community Pregnancy Clinics. And again give us the website.

Kathryn Hallinan: Supportcpci.com.

Bob Harden: Supportcpci.com. Kathryn, thank you so much for joining us here on the show.

Kathryn Hallinan: Thank you so much, Bob. Have a great day.

Bob Harden: You as well. Thank you so much.

Your pro-life donations make the work at CPCI possible. Because of you, we are protecting women and babies from abortion in Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Gainesville. Contact Kathryn Hallinan at khallinan@community4life.com to find out how you can get involved in our life-saving mission.

Community Pregnancy Clinics believes that our hearts know the truth of who we truly are. We all have immeasurable value and worth which is why we offer care, compassion, and choices to our clients.